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The Football Terrace | Aubameyang DEAL looking dead – Arsenal fail their fans again

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Wonderfully well, whatever you’re doing when your Saturday afternoon, I wanted to sit down and talk with you about the Pierre Emerick of Bama yang dil, to Arsenal. This was all set to happen very early on in the week I spoke to some individuals. I know that. Have connections with Arsenal, they believe the deals that have been done. The transfer fee agreed all that they was waiting for, was a boomerang and Arsenal to agree personal terms now. Firstly, I’ll point out that personal terms between Arsenal and a bombing gang are still yet to be agreed and formalized.

Okay, what’s gone wrong is two things Arsenal delayed over the payment structure. They wanted to pay in installments, this led Dortmund to say. Well, if you want to pay in installments, that’s fine, but we want a little bit more money from you, they’ve that there they thrown the deal that was agreed as then been metaphorically torn up as it were now in our Arsenal. Fans are gonna, be frustrated, but there’s also been another turn of events. That’s very good for the for the UK workers, it’s brilliant for anybody that gets paid in pounds. But if you have a selling club in Europe right now, the UK economy’s growth, the pound, strengthened in in the marketplace, is damaging and it doesn’t mean you will look at your money, but it means that clubs are getting greedy. So a 60 million euros is the expected transfer fee. However, Arsenal can now sign him for less pounds, because the pound is now exchanging for more euros. It’s growing, okay, Dortmund is playing well.

Two weeks ago you were prepared to pay X for the player. It would have cost them more pounds now Aston we’re getting that because of the poundage strengthening in the UK Arsenal consigned a bombing Ankara, a cheaper price out of their bank account. Don’t men are getting no more money, they get the same as they were ever getting, but Arsenal getting in cheaper Dortmund are now turning around us and we’ll know you. You promises a certain amount of money. We want that money in exchange rate. They did you get home from ear, so they’ve asked on bid the same amount of pounds to pound sterling. They did a week ago. Dorman get more money, however, ask them. I said well, no we’re offering you the same money in Euros, but it’s costing us a lot less money, because the pound is now strengthened. These are really complex factors that are going into the negotiation surrounding the situation with the Bama yang that have slowing the process down. Well, you have to remember: is that Arsenal flew out to Germany to get these negotiations done? They met with a player in the club.

A Bama yang has been seen and pictured packing up items of belonging, packing up boxes into cars and vans in Germany. He expects to leave and join arsenal. However, the reasons that this is slowing down are simply a lot of it’s an economical reason, but the fundamental fat comes down to Arsenal and it comes down to penny-pinching again. When I look at this, when I think about this, when I consider it everything that’s going on with a football club, okay, I find it massively massively frustrating that are the hugely frustrating the Arsenal Football Club. The owners won’t just pay the money, so they give an example here. So the pound is strong right now, and I say what that means: the pound is strengthening. The pound is strong when it when, when you exchange the pound for more foreign currency than you could before that’s what’s happening, Dortmund want the same pound sterling amount of money offered from Arsenal that they offered a week ago. Ask them without offering less, because it will convert into the same amount equivalent in euros, so both clubs now at loggerheads. However, Dortmund are not the ones here in desperate need of a new player. That’s why I’m frustrated that they’re, the ones that are, after all, the ones that are in the process? I want to the problem of the sound. I was gonna test it myself in the process, so I wanted the problem to sound. Hmm sounds about right there. We go absolutely fine with that. It is disappoint. It’s massively disappointing in front from an art from a national fans point of view. I can’t see how you’d be but disappointed with this situation. Perez hisses, ha ha Arsenal being Arsenal very, very busy this. This, for me, is quintessential Arsenal Football Club. It really really is gonna go to a few more of the comments coming through here.

Deon Davis says Arsenal one of the biggest clubs, but they are acting like they are Wycombe. They should just pay the money. Absolutely right, the next thing here, just in Dutchman, says whatever it is. Why would any top player want to play for us and when vengas future is not certain? It’s a good point. I don’t know the answer, but it’s a good point. Terry. Is there any hope? Of course, there’s hope here. Look predict you’re, look at this one, a Kannamma coint of view. The pound is predicted to strengthen again and again over the next few weeks. Meaning Arsenal got a bite. The bullet because, as I say, balm I’m not going to lose out here – they can sell him in the summer, get the same amount of money. They keep a very good player at the end of the season, but Arsenal could burn their opportunity to sign him because the boomerang could sit there and think to himself hang on a minute, Arsenal’s quibbling. Let me give you an example.

Let me give you an example of the difference we’re talking about here, some of these pounds: let’s do pounds to Euro conversion. Ok, do you penalty euro conversion, so they offered. I believe it was. They offered 53 million pounds. Ok, they offered 53 million pounds the other day. 53 million pound is what’s now required to make the transfer to get that. That’s how much is needed, but they builded a bit more than that. It was near that near a 60 million pounds, Billy you’re talking the difference here around 5 to 6 million pounds 5 to 6 million pound the difference between signing a world-class player and not, and if I was a bomber yang, I would think all the money asked Them got the quibbling over three four five million. It’S embarrassing. It truly truly is embarrassing, and I cannot understand why Arsenal Football Club are doing this. I really really can’t Terry. Do you think Ozel will come to man united potentially last season?

It was Lamar Baker board over baby. That’S absolutely right. They did this not the same thing. It wasn’t the same reasons, but the reason that Thomas Lamar is not an Arsenal player it because Arsenal dilly-dallied and they messed around and Josh. Just can’t have a great comment. They’re saying we bid 92 million pounds for Lamar in the summer. We won’t pay an extra 7 million for a bang, exactly exactly you’ve just received how much for kaká LAN. Let’s just have a look at this. I don’t know the figures. Broadly things just do Arsenal transfer, transfers, there’s a certain site, that’s brilliant! For this, I’m trying to find it and get it up. Where are you and that’s got news up transfer market there we go gonna, get it up now. I’M gonna look through this and we’re gonna dust it by sec. This will you look at the summer and we’re gonna look at now. Ok! So, oh sorry, I pressed the wrong button. Oh it’s all going wrong this. What happens when you’re live stream and you’re trying to get information up to talk about things? You know when you want something just to work really quickly and it doesn’t okay, so select the season transfer period. Let’S just do we just go. Look at the Windsor transfers just to start with so so far. Okay they’ve got 20 million pounds for Theo Walcott and 12 million pound for cockle on. So that’s 42 million pounds they brought in okay.

There’s look at the summer, so 32 million pounds just come in. Okay, they sold 61 million pounds of a player in the summer and only paid out 47 million, so they made about 1112 million pound in the summer. So they’ve made 42 million pounds worth of profit in their transfer dealings. So far, they’ve been 92 million in the summer it made thirty million pound profit on top and are slower quibbling over an extra five six, seven million pound embarrassing in berra Singh Wilson. Here one of our regular viewers gonna read your comment.

Now I’m gonna get off my iPad in front of me, always brilliant views as ever hello to you, too where’s. Your comment gone. Why is your comment disappeared there? It is where’s it gone. This is really not working great for me today, Wilson widget comment goes awesomely to hurry up and put the money on the table and put the money where their mouth is. You said something else earlier, though, I wanted to read, and it’s gone anyway I’ll. If I can’t find it, I can’t find it oh here it says these Wilson’s commented that Bama yang Evans and Hamrick signings would be an incredible window for the Gunners. In my opinion, exactly Johnny Evans, that’s another one that could fall for. I want to touch on that later. That’s a separate issue, but Evans will cost you 25 million you’ve got. My coat are Ian for free. It’s gon na cost you about 57 million pounds to land on the best record in the world in your quibbling, which means you’d, get a new sweater, a top-quality defender, a very good number, 10 collectively for about 80 million pound ish in this market. Madness madness by arsenal burn down the Emirates, burn down the Emirates.


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