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Basketball History: Origin of the Sport

Basketball is a sport, a ball game that is played by hand. The goal is to send a ball into a basket.
both basketball and basketball spellings are correct, the second spelling being recommended in the 1990 Spelling Corrections Report (List F).

Basketball was invented in 1891 by a Canadian physical education teacher at Springfield Middle School in Massachusetts, James Naismith, who sought to keep his students busy between the American football and baseball seasons during long winter months that make it impossible to practice outdoor sports. He also wanted to find them a contactless occupation, to avoid injuries.

One day, he had the idea of ​​placing two wooden fishing crates on the gymnasium ramps, in which a ball had to be penetrated to score a goal. The boxes being high, this game required as much address as brute force. He proposed the activity to his students and it took only a few minutes to establish the essential rules and make this game practicable.

These rules were:

– The ball, big (circumference of 76 cm) and light (weight between 567 and 624 g), can only be played with the hands

– Prohibition of running with the ball

– The ball may be received at any time, at any place and by any player

– Shocks are prohibited

– The goal is high and small. The basket is attached to the panel at 3.05 m above the ground. The ring measures 46 cm in diameter and is fixed on a 2 m by 1 m panel.

The first match in history, December 21, 1891, ends with the score 1 to 0, basketball is born.

Today, basketball is one of the major team sports. It is a team sport Olympic Games. In 1992, for the first time, professional players in the NBA were allowed to represent the United States on the national Olympic team.

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