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Baseball Rules: How To Play Baseball

Baseball is a sport whose first rule is to send a ball as far as possible in the field to be able to go around a playing area, with several bases where you can stop. The library and adapted training exercises allow for quick learning. A physical preparation based on a weight training program develops explosive strength, the main quality of baseball.

Main rules

1-There can be only one rider per base.

2-We can not double a runner

3-You have to run in a straight line from one base to another

4-Four throws outside the zone automatically give the 1st base to the drummer

5-When the ball leaves the thrower’s hand the runner may advance at his risk.

Offensive Phase: All players, with helmets and bats, face the pitcher of the opposing team. With the bat they try to intercept the ball thrown by the thrower to his receiver (strike). When the attacking player has hit the ball inside the field, he becomes a runner and tries to reach the 1st base, then the 2nd base, the 3rd base, and will score a point if, having gone around the 3 bases, he returns to the marble without being eliminated. The following strikers, by their strike, try to advance the riders to the following bases and thus allow them to complete the bases lap and thus to score points

Prevent the opposing team from scoring points by eliminating 3 attackers to attack in turn

1 – You can remove a drummer on Strike out: when he failed to hit after 3 attempts or 3 shots in the zone (strike).

2 – The drummer is removed when the struck ball is caught by volley

3 – A rider is withdrawn when the ball has arrived before him on the base where he is forced to surrender.

4 – A rider is withdrawn when he is hit, ball in hand or ball in the glove, by a defender between 2 bases

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