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Training for Baseball


terrain is quarter-disc shaped. It is divided into 2 parts, the inner field and the outer field. The 2 teams of 9 players face each other by an alternating succession of offensive phases (helmet + bat) and defensive phases (cap + glove).

Teams can only score points when they are in the offensive phase.

In the defensive phase, they try to eliminate 3 players from the opposing team to go back to the offensive phase and try to score points.


In order to facilitate the learning of baseball, one can use tennis balls, remove the receiver station and:

for 8-10 year olds: use a tennis racket instead of a bat. The thrower then throws the ball from below.

for 10-13 years: place a Tee-ball on the marble, it replaces the launcher.

for 13-15 years: The pitcher throws the ball from below and the batters use a bat.

The library, a game close to baseball.

The thèque is a simple game to practice that resembles baseball: The drummers must go around the field defined by the hoops without being eliminated by trimmers.

Bodybuilding at home

Explosiveness is essential in baseball training at the bust and arms to hit the ball, at the legs to move from one base to another. For a good physical preparation in baseball bodybuilding at home, with little space and small equipment, is a good solution because it allows a complete and consistent training for a gain of muscle power and speed.

Program at body weight

It is also possible to develop its explosiveness during the holidays by following the program of bodybuilding weight 8 weeks free downloadable on the site.

Other training methods
The charge contrast method and the pliometry are also very effective in developing this explosiveness.

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